Our Mission

The Other Mirror creates theatrical art based on event, text, or myth in order to reveal unrealized  perspectives.   We seek to better understand the world by building a new vocabulary through adaptation.  The Other Mirror believes that new work must be created with an emphasis on social consciousness in order to affect change. We share our work through a new lens with a dynamic and fresh point of view.

Our Story

T.O.M came to be as the brainchild of Founding Artistic Director, Katherine M. Carter, after a reading of her adaptation Madame Bovary.  "I threw a reception after the reading to celebrate the work of the cast on this play.  Most of them had been with it since the first incarnation and I wanted to say thank you.  As Nick and I  were cleaning up he tossed out 'you should start a company.  You have this great group of artists working with you, why not make it official?'  After some careful thought I reached out to our founding members and created The Other Mirror.   It was important that T.O.M's mission statement spoke to a specific kind of new work.  I had always been drawn to adaptations, it seemed like a natural progression after Madame Bovary." Since its inception The Other Mirror has been committed to developing new work and exploring how adaptations can be used to deepen our understanding of the known.   

The Other Mirror was founded by; Katherine M. Carter, Sam Dash, Chelsea Ignagni, Ellie MacPherson, James Parenti, Nick Ronan, Amy Young, and Diana Zambrotta in December 2011.

Our Artists

Artists in Residence: Caitlin Cisek (Costumes), Chelsea Ignagni (Casting) and Monet Hurst-Mendoza (Playwright)

Past Artists: Jessica Arinella , Stephanie Armitage, Annette Arnold, Kortney Barber, Jamie Barlow, Vanessa Bartlett, Paul Corning, Tim Cox, Paul Eddy, Michael Goldsmith, Logan James Hall, Timothy Hassler, Carole Healey, Diana Henry, Maura Hooper, Will Irons, John Jaladoni, Dan Jones, Chris Kateff, Katie Kavett, Sheryl Liu, Katy Lueck, Ellie MacPherson, Linda Manning, Taylor Marun, Alex Mills, Julia Noulin-Merat, Robert O’Gorman, James Parenti, Marisol Sacramento, Brad Thomason, Colleen Toole, Ben Weill, Dan Winters, Amy Young, Gil Zabrasky

Your Support 

If you are interested in learning more about supporting The Other Mirror please reach out to Artistic Director, Katherine M. Carter at Katherine@theothermirrortheatre.com